We can be completely flexible in custom tailoring internship opportunities year-round, accepting help at any time that participants’ schedules allow. Intern experiences can be as long or as short as their study schedules allow as well. Many interns choose to come in the summer for periods of four weeks to four months, but we are open to receiving interns at almost any time of year. This experience gives young people a great opportunity for cultural interaction in a safe place while being part of a new church plant. A great dimension of our intern program is that communication is almost never an obstacle for interns. We have a good number of people in our town who wish to practice their English conversation skills and would gladly read the Bible with a native English speaker. We also offer the opportunity to learn Spanish through private tutoring with a native Spanish teacher who is part of our church. Learning Spanish is a great tool to help communicate the Good News of salvation to others.  

How we work

  · Comfortable and safe housing
· An all-inclusive price that includes food, lodging, laundry, working funds, and transportation in the area of Guatemala
· Conversation classes in Spanish
· Evangelism training
· Opportunities to have cultural and recreational experiences in Guatemala
· Supervised intern projects for service and evangelism according to the abilities and gifts of the interns: Some interns who were social work majors
worked with abused children from the children’s home and abused women from the women’s shelter; other interns with backgrounds in engineering created a water filtration system for the orphanage; some had knowledge in agriculture and created an aquaponics greenhouse system to create an easier way to produce food for poor people; one intern was a woodworker and served the church by building housing for missionaries and for orphans and also widows’ houses, etc. We have also conducted many eco-friendly intern projects, such as eco-wood stoves, solar panels, rainwater collection, etc.
The intern program offers students a good opportunity to develop the tools of spiritual leadership for missions, explore and develop their gifts and passions, and explore how these gifts and passions could serve the Kingdom of God in an evangelistic way. This type of experience encourages young men and women to use their gifts and talents to share the Good News and instills confidence to serve the church in an evangelistic way. Their work also causes them to become personally involved with local Guatemalans in service opportunities, which can open the doors for good opportunities to explore other cultures and build intercultural communication skills that are useful in the church and the business world.

How It Works

We believe that our intern service programs offer invaluable opportunities to share the Gospel with our words and our deeds. Our interns support these projects according to their passions and desires, taking into account the needs of the church.

The church here is involved directly with Biblical teaching in the Hogar Miguel Magone children’s home located in Aguacate Village. Interns spend time with the children in teaching, playing, serving, and demonstrating a Christlike example.

We also teach the Bible in English to English speakers looking to improve their level of conversation skills. This ministry is a great opportunity to have natural conversations with Guatemalan truth seekers and make lifelong friendships. The Bible has a natural, innate power that leads to conversion, and our program respects the Bible’s power to do so by simply reading what is there in its own context and guiding open conversations in English about what we read. This type of evangelism is very open and honest and requires only a small amount of training. Anyone can do this!

The church also participates in community service projects in Aguacates Village, a very poor area. We serve there by helping widows and the disabled by making improvements on their homes, installing cooking stoves or water filters, repairing roofs, pouring concrete floors in their homes, etc. Our interns are the heart and soul of this work. Whether performing the labor, offering hope in Christ to a ladies group or a VBS for the kids, our interns have a tremendous ministry that offers the hope of Christ to troubled people. We have groups for Celebrate Recovery, youth and adult Bible studies, a singles ministry, Bible studies, and worship services. Interns assist in distributing leaflets, pray for people, and support the church’s evangelistic and benevolent mission. The role of interns changes daily depending on the needs of the church. They are the hands and feet in this missionary work, and they help organize and prepare everything for the mission groups.

Partnering with us

Interns need a referral from their church leadership and a phone interview with the missionary to be considered for this opportunity.

Interns need to be flexible and mature and behave in a way that honors and glorifies God in humble service. Interns must work in teams and follow instructions willingly. Potential interns who meet these requirements and have a heart to serve will be considered for this opportunity. We accept interns at any time throughout the year.

All interns are responsible for raising their own funds to cover their expenses, equivalent to $150 per week. Recreational activities and personal expenses are the responsibility of the intern and may be $25 to $50 per week. If intensive Spanish study is desired, it is customary for interns to make a donation of $50 per week to help offset the cost of the private Spanish teacher’s salary. In addition, interns are expected to buy their own plane tickets and travel insurance.

In some cases there are opportunities for scholarships and discounts. Contact us for more information.