Mision Teams

What we offer

Comfortable and safe housing for up to 20 people All-inclusive package price that includes food, lodging, laundry, working funds, transportation in the area of Guatemala Healthy food Purified water Hot showers, Evangelistic training Opportunities to serve local churches Cross-cultural experiences in Guatemala Projects based on the teams’ interests according to their abilities and gifts, such as construction of a dormitory for girls at the orphanage, fixing the houses of the disabled, passing out tracts and fliers, and opportunities to pray for people and bring others to knowledge of the Word of God. Some teams have had members with knowledge of agriculture and have created aquaponics greenhouses to feed the hungry. Carpenters and builders helped with church building projects. Teams have installed ecological wood-burning stoves for needy families.Bible studies and service projects have been conducted for widows, orphans, abused women, and the poor. All of these projects have been conducted in such a way as to partner with the local Guatemalan Christians so they can be encouraged and learn from the visitors’ examples in ministry.  

How we work

  Mission teams always begin with prayer. Each team designates a leader who recruits its members and is responsible for working closely with the missionary for planning and communication. It is preferable to form groups of 6-12 people, but we can work with groups of any size if we have enough notice. All persons interested in participating in a mission trip should contact the missionary to agree on the date of the visit to Guatemala. The group leader should discuss the goals of the mission trip and potential projects according to talents, passions, and resources of the group, and communicate this to the missionary as soon as possible for planning and scheduling. The missionary works with the team leader to best utilize the resources and skills of the mission team in order to meet the needs of the church. Evangelistic and service opportunities will be designed to provide Christian service to widows and orphans, construction projects for the poor, Christian education programs, Christ-centered environmental programs, etc. We are willing to work in any area where there is a need, provided the project serves to spread the good news of Christ’s salvation through word or deed.